Each search is tailored to the unique requirements of the position and the client.
Our fundamental program encompasses the basic phases outlined below:


In cooperation with the client we discuss the arisen need. We’ll receive comprehensive overview of the client’s organization and industry. We describe the purpose and responsibilities of the position, requirements and expectations to the candidates and define the search strategy.

2. SEARCH (headhunting)

We use different methods to build strong candidate pool – networks, online channels, social media, talent communities etc all complement each other.We conduct elaborate and effective selection process which ensures that only the very best candidates are presented to clients on a short list of two to four. We use tools to appraise candidates’ competencies, personality traits and abilities, attitudes and motivation. We’re guided by the principle of looking for the perfect match between the needs and expectations of an organization and the background and potential of the applicants.


Search process is completed by selecting the perfect candidate and making mutual agreements regarding working conditions. After the selected applicant starts working we’ll keep contact with both, the chosen candidate and also the client to ensure the working relationship starts out smoothly.
Our service includes 4 months guarantee.
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